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For Women

The most effective solution for removing unwanted body and facial hair.


  • Upper lip + chin
    £ 50
  • Full face
    £ 85
  • Belly button
    £ 35
  • Bikini Line
    £ 50
  • Full legs
    £ 250

For Gentleman

Men want to be stylish too, whether it is visible or not.


  • Shoulders+stomack
    £ 190
  • Full legs
    £ 450
  • Underarms
    £ 35
  • Half back
    £ 225
  • Buttocks
    £ 95


Hair removal laser

The VIKINI high power laser system is specifically designed for permanent hair removal. If features a collinmated optical lens that is designed to deliver maximum energy over the beam's 12 x 11mm spot size. The pulses are delivered in two parts, a long and a short pulse, during which time the average power of the combined pulses is kept at a constant. The laser pulse's 800 nm wavelength is ideal for optimum melanin absorption and therefore is ideal for hair removal. The system operates in several different modes, making its use compatible with a wide range of different skin and hair types. Proper mode selection enables fast treatment time over a wide treatment area.

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